Butoh Residential Workshop with Semimaru
assisted by other Sankai Juku’s member
from 18 till 22 February 2017
(possibility to join the workshop just the week end)

saturday from 15 to 20
other days from 10 to 17

“What makes a body move?”
Our big purpose on workshop is to observe a connection between psych and body. We are going to see how our body and its move could be going on through feeling about relaxing, tension, wave, breath, gravity and rhythm.
We learn to feel our body moving when dancing.
You can move body to dance but it is not easy to be aware of your moving body.
When a dancer does an improvisation, it seems that he does not prepare movements in advance. However, he may feel his body moving during an improvisation.

We also try to think what makes and starts a dance.
I think that a dance can be a relative movement to others. When we feel a dancer is standing still on stage, isn’t he really dancing? If he dances very slowly, we can feel him still by an optical illusion.

Then, let’s try to think what starts firstly to move when dancing. Dancer’s body or his mind? Does a spectator feel a dance before a dancer’s movement?

A Japanese expression can give us a way of thinking: “before raising a leg for a step”. It means that a dancer starts dancing before he raises his leg.
Then, we lesson to have a third-party point of view toward your own body.
In daily life, we say that physical exercises awake mind. It can happen when dancing. I perceive sometimes my body moves unintentionally when dancing. Observing your body from a third-party point of view awakes our mind and brings to feel how to move your body.

“What makes a body move?” –Let’s feel outside and inside of body going through movements with different conditions.

Semimaru’s profile
1975: Participate to found Sankai Juku.
1987: Start a lesson of butoh.
All Sankai Juku dancers have learned in Semimaru’s workshop.
Per Info, mail to butoh.spazionu@gmail.com
call 0039 3290908119