Dance artist Mushimaru Fujieda’s workshop
“A lectur of the Natural Physical Poetry ~ move as own breathing rhythm”

Mushimaru Fujieda Workshop on “Natural Physical Poetry”

  1. Self introduction and explanation on “Controlling body and mind through the breath”
  2. Simple preparatory exercises
  3. “Breath-Walking”
      (a) Basic Form walking with the breath
      (b) Variation I
      Imagine an energy force suddenry running through the body, as you walk
      (c) Variation II
      Imagine an energy force pulling parts of the body from outside, as you walk
      (d) Encounters
      Contact improvisation
  4. Vocallzation Using the voice as an extension of the breath
  5. Facial Expression Using both facial and body expression to do a short, improvised dance
  6. Exercises to link the breath to the movements of the body

22 June 15:00-19:00
23 June 11:00-17:00

Info and registrations:

Mushimaru Fujieda, Dancer, Choreographer, Director. Born in Aichi Prefecture of Japan, 1952. Began drama ’72. Belonged to drama company “Ishin-ha” ’78-’89. Became independent ’89.Thereafter, as a solo performer with numerous performances inside and outside of Japan. After receiving a highest praise from a poet, late Mr. Allen Ginsburg in N.Y. City, Mushimaru gave himself a name as the “Natural Physical Poet”, and has produced, with the unique style, pieces of dance work. Awarded the “Most Excellent Improvised Dance ” the prize of Tobita Drama Award ’97.