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Venerdì 5 Maggio ore 21:30
Regia di Joan Laage (Kogut Butoh)
con Joan Laage, Mjriam Morad, Kea Tonetti, Maruska Ronchi, Alessia Mallardo

Cena ore 20:30, su prenotazione.

EARTH TOMES è stato eseguito come site-specific performance a Malmo, in Svezia, all’interno di un simposio sul corpo e la memoria nel febbraio 2015; successivamente è partito un tour che ha toccato Liverpool, Londra, Friburgo e Seattle.
In questa epoca di uso della tecnologia per dirigere e controllare così tanti aspetti della nostra vita quotidiana, Earth Tomes è una rivelazione del corpo come terra che attraverso la continua trasformazione rivela il suo paesaggio mutevole.


Friday 5 May h21:30
Directed by Joan Laage (Kogut Butoh)
with Joan Laage, Mjriam Morad, Kea Tonetti, Maruska Ronchi, Alessia Mallardo

Earth Tomes was first performed as a site-specific solo in a greenhouse in Malmo, Sweden as part of a symposium on the body and memory in February 2015. Before Joan takes it on her March 2016 tour, collaborating with performers in Liverpool, London and Freiburg, Germany, she has invited dancers to join her here in Seattle. In this age of an increasing use of technology to direct and control so many aspects of our daily lives, Earth Tomes is a welcome revelation of the body as earth and, through continual transformation, reveals the changing landscape of the body.

ET description:

Earth Tomes reveals the landscapes of body and sound and explores subtle inner architectures, the body existing as a continually transforming entity. The performance space is set up with audience on two opposite sides and the performers moving from one end of the long space in between audience to the other over an hour. ET’s underlying theme is the body as earth with the motion and shaping of the body reflecting the changing of the earth’s contours and textures. Dancers are dresses in dark pants and tops and wearing black head coverings that they remove slowly half way through the piece. With an added long coat, director Joan is the magnetic forces pulling the other performers into the space and into the bank of imagery which includes earth landscapes, mud, trees and wind.