15-26 luglio butoh workshop intensivo nella natura

condotto da Atsushi Takenouchi , accompagnato dalla musica live di Hiroko Komiya

8 ore al giorno di pratica in natura
sistemazione in tenda nel bosco della montagna (1200 mt).
Lago Paduli, Parco dei Cento Laghi

per informazioni scrivere a:

10-15 luglio butoh residenza a Le Capannacce (Palaia-Pisa)

agevolazioni per chi decidesse di partecipare al seminario Butoh dal 10 al 26 luglio

15-26 July JINEN Butoh intensive workshop in nature
///wild camping at 1200 high mountain///
by Atsushi Takenouchi
accompanied by live music Hiroko Komiya

Meeting with our own body, observing our own breathing, heart beats, layer of skin, the inner movements arise. In this summer JINEN Butoh Camp workshop, we will work in the deep nature side 1,200 meter high mountain area with forest and river and lake, with sun, wind, flower, water, fire, trees, stones, sunrise and moon. The last day we will make long performance presentation day.

Date & time : Wed 15th – Sunday 26th July 2015,
7-8 hours per day
-There will be sunrise session day, night session day.

*Every day at the end of class, there will be solo improvisation time.
*On the last day, as the final presentation, we will have long performance day with each participants solo/ duo, and group improvisation in the nature.

*This workshop is for dancers,actors,performers, person who has physical training back ground.

Preparation :
1. For this nature side workshop, camping gear is needed, and important is outdoor clothing, wind proof, water proof, warm cloth to protect strong wind, rains, coldness. In case if you can not bring camping gear, it’s possible for Spazio NU to arrange. Please talk in advance.
2. Please bring any costume and the shoes which you can dance with. And white painting, etc for presentation time.

Accommodation and food : Camping in the nature. Food will be prepared with Vegetarian meal with using mostly organic and from local products.

Register / Reservation :
Participants must send her/his curriculum vitae with a description of her/his motivation to Spazio NU to join in this workshop. Please contact to Spazio NU for registration.

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butoh.spazionu@gmail.com, www.spazionu.com/

via Firenze 42/A – 56025 Pontedera (PI), Italy
tel. +39 0587 54 634, +39 329.09.08.119, +39 349.13.71.631